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LetusPonder Columns

10/18/05 The Ten Commandments - What They SHOULD Be

12/27 Do You REALLY Want World Peace?

10/15 Support Ribbon Overload Awareness

7/18 The Ultimate Guide to Kissing - Part 2: The First Kiss
(Pure romance - the best lesson you may ever receive)

7/7 Part 1: The Bad Ways to Kiss
(A humorous exploration into all the different ways people kiss badly)

4/19 Do You Truly
Get Over Your First Love?

3/1 Which Drunk are You?

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The Ten Commandments - What's Wrong With Them and What They SHOULD Be

Did you know there are two sets of Ten Commandments in the Bible? One would think that God would be a little more consistent. There are other problems with the Ten Commandments, which, I believe, is why they aren't so easily embraced. Join me as I ponder these ten... err, 20, commandments. As a solution, I provide what the Ten Commandments SHOULD be.

Do You REALLY Want World Peace?

World Peace... What if it really happened? Has anyone given this much thought other than all the feel-goodness hugs and nose-kisses?

Support Ribbon Overload Awareness

Ribbons, ribbons, and more ribbons.  Everywhere I drive I see ribbons.  I like what they represent.  I like that they are trying to help.  I like that they care.  But Geez-Louise...
I am so tired of the ribbon thing..

Column #5
The Ultimate Guide to Kissing
Part 2: The First Kiss

This could very well be the best lesson, thus leading to the best kiss, you will ever receive. While part 1 was humorous, part 2 is pure romance. Join me as I relive the ultimate first kiss.

Column #4
The Ultimate Guide to Kissing
Part 1: The BAD ways to Kiss

This is a guide to not only the surprisingly large assortment of kissing techniques, but to also maybe enlighten people as to the difference between quality kissing and the kind of kissing you may receive from your neighbor's happy dog. Part 1 details some of the less-desirable ways some people kiss. This isn't how YOU kiss, is it?

Column #3
Do You Truly Get Over Your First Love?

This question was posed and I found myself taking a trip down memory lane.  Join me as I share my thoughts and experiences on relationships past and future.

Column #2
Which Drunk are You?

According to the commercials, there appears to be only one kind of person who drinks alcohol -- beautiful, fun, in perfect shape, and white-teeth-smile charismatic.  But most everyone has experienced, first-hand or otherwise, alcohol-induced multiple personality disorder.  Join me as I re-experience last weekend...

Column #1
What I Want for Christmas

It's the holiday season and I am expecting gifts. Lots of them -- small, big, cheap, expensive, real, intangible -- doesn't matter.

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